Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co., was founded from 1979 years. There are 40-years rich experiences in our own RD baked to create various special flavors of coffee beans. Since 70 dynasties bubble milk tea was hot in which period our Shang Dao still rolled a historical creationist. Such as Hong Kong, Macao, America and so on all are our national standard marketing. There is one important point needs to mention that is we are the first one company entered MOC to produce, open stores, create brands and promote… For this reason, we won many flourishes popular and created different types of stores in many locations. 

Because of one kind special emotion leads us to Taiwanese tea drinking need to enter the national market necessaries as to found Kily bay enterprise the world headquarters of a team. The team of Shang Dao Food Ltd. Co., supply bubble milk tea industries of material, products RD and OEM. The team of Shang Tong is responsible for open store guidance, tech. transfer teaching, assistance create OBM, logo chain stores and so on.

Kily bay enterprise the world headquarters of a team created one set of bubble milk tea cultural hall around the world firstly. At the same time, this is one kind of creative dreaming and green factory. From farm to meal table and logo famous around the world to look forward Taiwanese foods of good delicious for everybody all known worldwide. This is a Kily bay enterprise wishing and must be pushed Taiwan bubble milk tea drinking spreads around the world everywhere.   

» Our best partners who want to open their own bubble milk tea shops around the world.

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» Want to start your own beverage brand, but can't find the source of raw materials?

Provide you one-stop "whole store output" service, teach you the quick operating tips of opening a shop

From all kinds of raw materials, appliances and equipment needed to purchase pearl milk tea to exhibition planning, menu design, education and training, consultancy and so on, it is easy to open a pearl milk shop.



» Taiwanese professional catering raw material factory directly operated


Sales Pipeline/Channel: International Chinese and Western Restaurant, Compound Chain/Global Outside Tea Drink, Coffee, Ice Dessert Chain/Professional Brand Agent/Agent Distribution

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Understanding needs

» Not open shop

1.Course Requirements - Course Pages

2.Product Technical Guidance


  • Instructional Counseling Course/Bar Equipment Implementation/Menu Design/Product Modulation/Shop Construction Guidance

3.Suggested Shop Construction

  • (1)Advisory Planning/Business Circle Selection Suggestions before Opening
  • (2)CI Design of Store Image
  • (3)Motion Line and Operation Planning

» Opened shop

Material/Equipment Requirements

Business consultation


  • 1.Product Material Provision & Equipment Planning & Professional Brand OEM R&D (Quality Control Standard Inspection) Innovative R&D/Raw Material/Equipment/Appliances/Valet R&D
  • 2.Brand Development Assists Self-Creating Brands/Innovating Popular Stores Cooperation/Brand Reengineering
Product testing

Sample application-application method

Freight & Charges

Material Order Quotation

Domestic order

  • Data collection
  • Order collection
  • Distribution process
  • Payment of goods

Foreign Export

Dream of Starting a Business

Store opening plan

after service

Online Teaching Platform

New Product Information

Advanced staff training

Technical Exchange of Materials

How to operate

Why are we?

Factories direct management.

From farm to meal table food material supported. There are most completed product kinds in this food field.

There are rich experiences in real executing.

Our experiences are direct management in various synergetic models.

Export over forty countries.

There are over 40-years experiences to assist guidance with open stores. We are good to support one stop shopping “whole shop export” services. It is easier to assist you open your own shop successful.

Professional team works in RD groups.

Regarding you demands in which are valet RD, customized packing/stick labels service in your optional products.




More than 5,000 restaurants


From hand drinks (milk tea) shops, cafes, chafing dish barbecues to dining cars, there are all kinds of services, exclusive services all over the world.


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